Water Bear 3 Levels

Discover the 3 Levels of Water Bear Survival

The 3 Levels of Water Bear Survival

Water Bear wondering, when human hear survival, what you think? Do you picture yourself loaded up with cool gear, Jeeps, and big knives? Do you imagine hurricanes, and nukes, and bugout bags?

What does survival mean to you?

To Water Bear survival has 3 levels. Each level important, and some more extreme than others. That’s because Water Bear do what it takes to survive, no matter what. But what are the 3 levels of Water Bear survival, and can humans use them too?

Actually, the 3 levels of survival apply to anyone of any age of any species. Most species not smart like humans and tardigrade, so most not open to all three. But Water Bear and humans have advantage. We smart. We can tap into all three levels. Too bad most humans won’t.

The three levels of survival are:

Level III – General Wellbeing
Level II – General Survival
Level I – Extreme Survival (longevity)

Yes, Water Bear know Maslow break survival into several more layers. Maslow Hierarchy not important for Water Bear. Water Bear don’t care.

Water Bear care about practical application. Water Bear care about how to make it useful for him and how it helps him survive. Water Bear big picture thinker. Don’t need five levels at all.

If you like details, here’s a graphic of Maslow’s Hierarchy to show you all the levels. Next Water Bear share own survival graphic that’s easier to use!

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Water Bear see two problems with Maslow’s Hierarchy. First problem is it’s complicated. Hard for humans or tardigrade to monitor which levels need maintenance all the time. Second problem is no mention of longevity needs. Longevity survival a new concept to humans. Not to Water Bear.

Water Bear Survival LevelsWater Bear Survival Pyramid


As human can clearly see, Water Bear survival pyramid much easier than Maslow’s Hierarchy. That’s because Water Bear believe in K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!). Water Bear survival pyramid breaks down into the 3 levels of survival mentioned above. If you’re good to go in all three levels, then you know you have the best chance to survive.

Now let’s take a closer look at the pyramid and the 3 levels and what they mean to you.

At the top you find level III, General Wellbeing. This level includes everything humans do to maintain their core needs once imminent survival is secured. Level III on Water Bear survival pyramid encompasses everything on Maslow’s pyramid from the second level up.

Level II of Water Bear survival pyramid is for imminent survival and worst-case preparations. This level includes everything you might do to keep yourself alive right now, or to prepare to keep yourself alive in some emergency. The bottom level of Maslow’s pyramid falls into this category.

Level I of Water Bear survival pyramid is for extreme survival. Many humans call themselves “extreme survivalist,” but it’s not true. Not unless they take extreme preparations to keep themselves alive! The extreme survival level is for preparations only taken by the minority. This includes all longevity preparations and planning. This level also includes preparations for the event of your untimely legal death to help you potentially return at some later point in time.

How to Prepare Like Water Bear

Water Bear constantly strive to maintain all 3 levels and do what it takes to survive. Human can do the same, but need to know what each level specifically involves. Take a closer look at the levels below so you know what kind of preparations happen at each stage.

Level III – General Wellbeing

Level III includes everything you need to keep life running strong. Things like money to pay bills, entertainment to keep you active, religion and dogma to keep you spiritually fulfilled, competition for achievement, etc. This level not so much about immediate survival as about enjoying the life you have. If life not worth living, you might not live long.

Things included in Level III

• Making friends
• Intimate relationships
• Time with family
• Improving health
• Stable income
• Owning property
• Social connectedness
• Financial independence
• Fitness & Diet
• Transportation & vehicles
• Uniqueness & creativity
• Confidence & self-esteem
• Inner drive & sense of purpose

The stuff listed above is what Water Bear focus on once Level I and Level II are covered. Level III issues important, but not as important as keeping your ass alive! Do what it takes to survive, then focus on this stuff.

Level II – General Survival

The second level of Water Bear survival pyramid is stuff to keep you alive right now. Humans not last long without air or water or shelter, so those needs typically come first. On Water Bear pyramid they don’t come first for a reason, but Water Bear get to that in a moment.

Things included in Level II

• Oxygen
• Water
• Food
• Clothing
• Sleep
• Shelter
• Survival Planning
• Survival Preparations
• Survival Drills

Level II on Water Bear pyramid includes anything that keeps you alive when disaster strikes during normal lifespan. Immediate needs like oxygen and sleep are short-term while disaster planning like setting up bug-out locations is more long term. All of these can prove useful in keeping you alive.

Level I – Extreme Survival

The base level of Water Bear pyramid is not physiological. Maslow may think physiological comes first, but Maslow wrong. Unlike Maslow, Water Bear pyramid follows Water Bear definition of survival.

Survival: To continue to exist for as long as you want to, no matter how long that may be.

If you want to live to 80 but drunk driver kills you today…then your choice to continue to exist for as long as you want to was taken from you. Likewise if you want to live to 150,000, you face big challenge since it’s not currently possible. But there are some things Water Bear and human can do to help reach our goals, even when someone or something stands in the way.

Level I includes all preparations to reach your lifespan goals, no matter how extreme. Level I is at the base because without level I preparations, level II preparations can’t save you. Even if level II preparations help you survive a disaster today, a different disaster or disease might kill you tomorrow.

Since level I involves cryonic preservation, it gives human a chance to return, and reach human goals, even when life ends early. So Water Bear thinks it makes sense to put this at the bottom since it’s much easier to enjoy life and prepare for unique situations when you have a chance to defeat death once and and for all, even if it can’t be defeated today.

Things Included in Level I

• Cryonic Preservation
• DNA Storage
• Mind Uploading
• Memory Backup
• Cloning
• Reverse Aging
• Artificial Intelligence
• Plastination
• Suspended Animation

Level I is considered “extreme” because it involves steps very few humans are willing to take. While owning a bunker in the middle of a forest may be extreme by some, it won’t save you from aging or death.

Note: You don’t have to agree with everything involved in level I. Water Bear don’t care. Water Bear just showing you examples of level I survival. Water Bear here to give you options, because Water Bear support your right to exist as long as you want to.

That’s the whole purpose of Water Bear Lair. The only reason we made this blog is to help you discover the options available to you. We’re here to help you survive, and if that’s what you want to do, then follow along and read our posts covering all 3 levels to keep your ass alive!

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