What does it mean to survive?
The standard definition of survival is to exist.

Water Bear defines survival a little differently.

Water Bear Defintion of Survival

To continue to exist for as long as you want to, no matter how long that may be.

Water Bear supports your right to exist as long as you want to.

Some want to live a standard lifespan. Some want to live a little longer. Some want to live forever. However long you want to exist, Water Bear don’t care! Water Bear want you to exist as long as you want to, no matter how long that may be.

Water Bear Supports Your Right to Exist!

Water Bear supports your right to exist for as long as you want to. Maybe that means forever or maybe just a few extra years.

Continue to Exist!

Did you know cryonic preservation isn't science fiction? It's virtually your best chance to exist in the event your life ends early.

How to be a Cryonicist
Around 10,302 Days til the Singularity!

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Love cancer? Didn’t think so. Help end it by crowdfunding
ONCOSENS Control Alt Delete Cancer Campaign

GOAL: $60,000
FUNDED: $72,002.01

Control ALT Delete research is creating ALT-targeted anti-cancer therapies to achieve cellular immortality. That makes this campaign a good way to support your right to exist! Contribute and share their page here.


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a scientifically backed infographic. It’s just to give you an idea & for fun.

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What’s the Deal with Longevity?

Longevity is simple. Live longer. But how does it work? According to Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of SENS Foundation, longevity works by extending lifespan by combining routine maintenance with medical technologies to help you stay alive.

The idea is that we don’t need to cure death. We don’t even need to fully reverse aging. What we need to do is focus on ending nasty diseases caused by aging before they kill us. By defeating diseases like cancer and alzheimers and heart disease we can increase our lifespan in young, healthy bodies.

Dr. de Grey often likens the human condition to car maintenance. You perform upkeep throughout the lifespan and your car lasts a long time. Cars can even be fully restored after hundreds of years. It’s likely humans can do the same.

What About Artificial Intelligence & All that Cyborg Stuff???

You don’t have to want to live forever, but some people do. Assuming you live long enough, you might get to enjoy a vast array of technological advancements that help you live even longer or possibly forever.

According to Dr. Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity is near. This is when machines will surpass human capability allowing humans to live even longer if not indefinitely.