Tip the Existential Scales: All Communication Counts

Tip the Existential Scales: All Communication Counts

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You know me…always thinking about life extension and cryonics and technology. It’s on my mind a lot. And sometimes I wonder why more people don’t think about it. Even if they don’t see all the posts about medical breakthroughs, how do they miss the posts about technology?

Am I missing something? Are people blind? Are they brainwashed beyond the point of processing useful information?

The news regularly yaps about new technologies. They talk about life extension sometimes too. And every great once in a while they even mention cryonics. So why do so many people flat out ignore all three? Why can’t anyone hold a civil conversation about any of these subjects without turning it into an argument?

Anyway, things are changing. Little by little, day after day we see new names and new faces. New people adapting or awakening. It’s like when Neo wakes from the Matrix. He sees from his human eyes for the first time. Then everything changes.

Until Neo wakes up, he doesn’t know he’s living a lie. He doesn’t know that everything everyone told him about life is wrong. So until that day he has no reason to truly question things.

But there is a starting point.

From the very start of the Matrix there’s something off. Little clues and breadcrumbs here and there. Little hints that something about reality doesn’t make sense. Neo can’t quite figure it out, but he knows it’s there.

Eventually Neo gets the wake up call. At first he’s not ready, but with a bit of prodding he’s all in. So it starts from a feeling, progresses to hints, then he gets a wake up call, and finally he’s awake. And that’s what I want you to think about today.

How can you be that feeling?

How can you be their hint?

How can you start to wake up those around you?

There’s quite a few people who’d be more involved in life extension or cryonics if only they knew what to do. People do want to help, but they just don’t know how. If you’re not a scientist or a technologist, then what can you really offer?

Actually, there’s a lot you can do. You may be one individual. You may not have many connections. But whatever your situation, there’s something you’ll always have as long as you’re alive. It’s something that gives you the power to move minds.

The power of communication.

A vast majority of the world takes communication for granted. They don’t think about the impact of their actions and they don’t consider the effects of their words. Who reads their writing? Who does it touch? Who does it speak too? What actions do others take based only on their words?

And it’s not just about writing either. Communication happens in many ways. It comes from everything you do. Every post you make. Every bio you write. Even the way you stand. Everything about you communicates who you are and everything in that communication has some kind of influence on others.

Sometimes it makes them feel good. Sometimes it’s the opposite. Sometimes your communications lift them up and sometimes it drags them down. For some of you your messages may communicate trust. For others they communicate lies.

You may not have a lot of money. You may not be well known. But if you start to take control of your communications…you do have power.

Tip the Scales in Your Favor

You can communicate…great. But how do you tip the scales?

It’s easy to talk about communication. To say it’s important. To say anyone can do it. But how do you actually do it? How do you start to communicate in ways that influence minds? You’re just one person, remember?

You start with control.

Start with control and start thinking strategic. Try to catch yourself. Think about what you’re about to post. Think about what you’re about to say. What’s the point? What’s the purpose? What will the person on the other end do as a result?

Will they laugh?
Will they get annoyed?
Will they click a button?
Will they read?
Will they learn?

Every communication says something. It gives others information. Your messages tell others how to respond to you. Not just your written messages, but your body language and your social position and every last thing about you.

To gain control you have to control your mind. Before you respond to someone, stop. Are you about to argue? Does it even make any sense? Do you know the facts? Are the facts really on your side? And before you post something, stop. Does posting this make sense or is it just more noise?

Do you know why people listen to professionals? What gives them authority?

They communicate very specific messages in very specific ways. They don’t constantly yap and yammer about nonsense. They don’t blab about their problems. They don’t spread negativity and hate and rage. They just help people. They solve problems. They make people feel good.

And over time those people start to listen.

The human mind is great at filtering out trash, and there’s a lot of trash. Those who get noticed are those who don’t speak trashy language. They speak different completely. Everything they say is unique because it’s carefully calculated down to the last word.

So how can you do it?

How can you communicate to influence minds? You’d probably need to read several books and spend lots of time at practice to really get it down. Books like How to Win Friends & Influence People, and The 48 Laws of Power. Books like Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and Body Language. But there’s other stuff you can do that doesn’t take much time to learn. I’ll try to summarize some of those things below:

1. Never argue without clear intent: Someone says something or posts something you don’t agree with. Maybe it’s about politics or religion or any other thing. I know your blood boils and you’re fired up, but do you need to respond? If you’re fired up, others are too. But they don’t have control over their emotions or their words. Let them reply and look the fool while you sit back and laugh. Let unknowns fight mindless causes while you focus on what counts.

Now, that isn’t to say there aren’t times when it’s appropriate to argue. But you gotta have a plan…a strategy. Most often you won’t persuade the other person to your side, but that doesn’t mean you won’t persuade anyone.

Make calculated arguments. Figure out who’s most likely to receive your communication. Who else beyond the person you’ll argue with?

Sometimes I argue with people on Facebook or reddit or even other forums. I know the person I argue against won’t take my side. So I carefully craft messages for maximum impact on those who don’t yet have a side. The man who’s conviction won’t let him see the truth can’t be swayed. But the man who doesn’t have stake one way or another…he’s easily persuaded by solid reasoning.

I dunno if you’ve ever watched Judge Judy or been to court, but court cases aren’t won on logic alone. They’re won by beliefs. Beliefs which start with presentation and communication. Two sides present their case. The judge or jury decides who is “right.” It’s you vs. the other guy. You know the other guy won’t take your side. But what about the jury? What about the judge? They’re just there to figure out who makes the most sense? Who do they want to believe? Who is the most consistent? Who has holes in their story?

That’s why it’s important to learn about your topics. Whatever is most important to you, you need to learn. You need to know. Or, at the very least, you need to learn about how to communicate in ways that make it sound like you know so you can persuade others to your view.

Never just argue.

Know your facts and be able to back them up. But more importantly, if possible, give yourself the advantage. Tip the scales by giving yourself time to respond so you can carefully craft your answer. Take a break. Step back. Relax. Never shoot from the hip. Pick your battles carefully and know who your target is. It’s almost never the person arguing against your point.

2. Consistently communicate who you are: A lot of longevity survivalists hide. They keep their thoughts to themselves. They don’t communicate about their desire to live longer or forever. From my perspective it’s counter-productive. It comes from beliefs about how others will respond and the ramifications of people finding out.

But of all the times I’ve ever been questioned about life extension, the worst thing I’ve faced was jokes and humor at my expense. The funny thing is, the joke was on them.

Anyone who doesn’t know you that well will make jokes about your beliefs. Sometimes people who do know you will make jokes too. But jokes aren’t all that happens. There’s more occurring underneath. Communications that have a chance to move minds.

This goes back to knowing your facts, knowing how to communicate, and appearing to be the more legitimate person. It’s just like winning a court case. When others make jokes, they prove how little they know about life extension or any other thing.

I’ve had some really eye opening experiences in this regard. People are quick to make jokes, until you consistently back up your communication. When you know your reasons for wanting to live longer, then it’s easy to get your point across. Then when they make jokes, they sound like a fool. Then their friends or co-workers or whoever else is around are quick to shut them down for you.

Suddenly the joker is the ass, not you.

The more consistent you are, the more people back your cause. Jokers don’t have a cause. They don’t know what they live for. But you are a professional and you stand for something.

My experience has been the more I communicate to others my desire to live longer, the more they learn, and the more they take my side. Not only that, but some are persuaded to my side. Going one step beyond, the more I communicate consistently, the more people know how to help me in an emergency and are willing to do so based on rational reasoning instead of blind beliefs about “crazy ideas like cryonics.”

So how do you communicate consistently?

First be willing to talk about your desires. Openly share your desire to live longer. Openly communicate about cryonics. Always be professional. You don’t have to be uptight, just be open to discussion.

Second is to communicate your message anywhere you are. On Facebook share updates. Post in Cryonics or Life Extension groups. Share posts about technology and medical enhancements and disease treatment etc. Every single communication gets seen by someone, so always make sure it’s what you want others to see.

On LinkedIn it’s easy to grow a massive network. You can show which organizations you support in your profile.

On forums you can become an authority just by posting often and helping others out. After a while people start to read your posts. They start to listen to your words. Then when you make a post about life extension or technology or whatever…then they’ll listen.

3. Influence one person at a time: You don’t have to influence the whole world right now. You don’t have to persuade every person to your side. Just work on one person and one communication at a time. You may not even know who that one person is. You don’t know the extent of the influence of your words.

What you do know is that one person is all it takes to change everything.

One communication by you might influence one single person. That person might be a scientist. That person might look a little deeper. That person might get intrigued and engrossed and suddenly becomes a fanatic who dedicates his whole life to curing death. That person eventually cures death and saves your life.

Think about that for a second…

All Communication Counts

Argue with intent. Always be consistent. Influence one person at a time.

It may not seem like you’re doing much, but over months or years you start to tip the scales in your favor. Over time your communications may be what moves mountains. You may be the single most contributor to your cause. Hell, you may even be the one person who was able to influence the world.

Until next time. 🙂

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