To Kid or Not to Kid

To Kid or Not to Kid and Will they Help You Survive?

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I’ve spent a lot of time wondering whether or not it’s worth it to have a kid. On one hand you’re taught to grow up, get a job, marry someone and pro-create. On the other hand, that’s a lot of responsibility and might limit the life you can live. And on a third hand (I only have 2 hands) a kid might be your best hope to survive.

So how do you make the choice? How do you know what to do?

Everywhere I look people have kids. A lot of those people don’t seem like they should. That makes me wonder if I should? What makes someone qualified to be a parent? Since I’m not a parent I don’t know. But my wife wants a kid, so I’m faced with these questions.

At first I wanted a kid just to keep my family happy. My parents would be grandparents. My wife would be a mom. I guess I’d be a dad, but there’s always a chance I’d suck. After all my wife calls me a child practically every day.

I think a lot of people don’t seriously consider why they want to have a kid. Do they do it for the right reasons? One guy I know already has 3 kids from two wives. Now he has a third wife and they want another kid? Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense to me.

Kids might be the reason so many folks are poor. They might be the reason everyone lives so close to home. They also might be your reason for living at all. I don’t know and I can’t seem to figure everybody out, so the best I can do is figure out what makes sense for me. So today I’m gonna approach this from a survival standpoint because that’s what I do.

The Benefits of Having a Kid

There really are a lot of reasons to have a kid. Since my wife wants one, we’ll eventually have one. That’s probably the best reason, right? But kids are important for survival reasons too. Here are some of the reasons a kid might be a good choice for you.

Reason 1: A Kid Brings Joy Into Your Life

I’m under no delusion that kids can’t be shitheads. I was a kid at one point too. But there’s no doubt they bring a lot of joy and happiness into life. Again this isn’t based on experience, but observation. Even if you don’t plan to live forever, having a child is probably on your list of things to do. You raise them and teach them and watch them grow and you take pride in your creation. The best part of all? Those feelings might just help you live another day.

Reason 2: Kids Eventually Become an Asset Instead of a Liability

Babies present real challenges in most survival situations. But let’s say you don’t face those situations until your child grows. At some point your kid gets big enough to contribute. Whether you live off the land, or the emergency is only temporary, an extra helping hand is a valuable tool. Plus, until someone breaks through on aging, we ain’t getting any younger and that means we might need minions to do our bidding. Muahahahaha

Reason 3: Your Kids Might Be Smarter Than You

As much as we like to think we know best, kids aren’t dumb. I remember asking my dad why he smoked when I was only a few years old. I don’t remember the answer he gave, but I know he listened because at some point he stopped. He realized it wasn’t healthy for either of us. My dad’s dad smoked a lot longer. Nobody told him it might not be healthy. But eventually my dad told his dad how bad smoking was and his dad stopped too! I’m almost certain that added several extra years to grandpa’s life.

Until someone brought smoking to their attention, they either didn’t know or didn’t have a reason to care. That makes me wonder what habits I have that I don’t know about that my kid might change to help me stay alive. What if little Frasier (That’s what I named the kid I don’t have) tells me blogging kills! At first I might not believe him, but I’ll listen and I’ll look into it because there’s a chance he might be right. If so, I’ll thank him for helping me live a little longer.

Reason 4: Your Kids Might be WAYYYY Smarter Than You

Chances are you didn’t have internet or a smartphone when you were born. Flat T.V.s didn’t exist. Nothing was “On-Demand.” Today all that stuff is true and your kid has access to so much information it’s not even funny. So let’s say little Frasier likes to tinker when he’s young. He carries his tinkering far into the future into everything he does. Maybe he becomes a scientist or maybe he’s a techy. At some point he starts a company that hopes to bring people back from the dead. He succeeds, but not until after you’ve already died. Who’s he gonna help first? Exactly.

Reason 5: Speaking of Bringing Back the Dead

Speaking of bringing back the dead, a lot of my viewers are cryonicists. You never want to die, but in the event it happens you’ll have to be cryopreserved in the hopes you might return. But before you get preserved several things need to happen. First someone has to declare legal death. Then the body has to be released for transport. Someone has to perform basic stabilization procedures, and let’s not forget that nasty autopsy issue. A kid raised right has incentive to help you with all of those things.

Even if your child isn’t a cryonicist like you, they still might help you just to get the cash that’s in your will. But let’s say you taught them about cryonics from an early age and they grew up, signed up, and now they’re on your side. They know what to do in an emergency. They know how to help you out. They know to cool your body and do anything they can to stop an autopsy. They know who to talk to and how to talk to them to get your body released as quickly as possible so they can ship you out if your standby team isn’t there. All of this may determine whether or not you get to return. To me, that makes a kid worth the trouble.

What are Some Reasons Not to Have a Kid?

Despite the many reasons for having children, there are several reasons I can think of not to do it too. Maybe my reasons are stupid or maybe they make sense to you. Either way, these are just some things I’ve pondered in my mind.

Reason 1: Children Cost Money

Over the years I’ve learned to live on next to nothing. As an entrepreneur you have to. Some days things are awesome and you’re killin it. Some days you don’t make any money at all. Sometimes you even go years without cash while trudging toward the payout at the end. But can you do it with a kid? I’m not sure. Right now we’ve got plenty of savings and income, but that’s for two not three.

Kids cost money, so I have to wonder if they’re really worth it. Don’t hate. I have an analytical mind and try to avoid bad decisions as much as possible. Anyone who doesn’t seriously consider the monetary commitment of a child is a fool. Every day I see people with multiple children who can’t afford gas to get to work. If you’re gonna have a kid you at least better prepare to change your lifestyle. Part-time at the 7-11 won’t cut it. For an entrepreneur things change too.

Reason 2: Kids are a Liability

As a child grows they may become an asset, but before that they’re a liability. You have to care for them, dress them, clean them, feed them and wash them. That’s why I like cats. Cats only have to be fed. Give them a box to poop in and a roof over their head and they take care of the rest. No crying, no bathing, no wiping their ass. You gotta do all that stuff with a kid. Cats come into the world ready to live. Kids come into the world ready for nothing.

As the child grows it becomes a toddler and a tween and during those stages they’re still a liability. They might be able to handle minor tasks, but usually they just get bored and whine a lot. In a survival situation kids can be really trying and you have to be prepared.

Reason 3: Children Make Poor Choices

Once they reach the tween and teen years things get even more complicated. Suddenly they can drive and work and do great things. Or they can get in trouble with the law, forget to come home, do drugs and drink alcohol. And who really gets the shit end of the stick? The parents. The parents have to pay. Pay for court, pay for bills, pay for damages etc.

This isn’t to say you can’t raise a kid to turn out well. But peer pressure is really strong and even smart kids make bad decisions. Sometimes those bad decisions are really bad. Sometimes children die. How would the loss of a child impact you from a survival standpoint? Some people couldn’t bear it. Some might take their own life, and that’s a problem. I don’t think I’d be one of those people, but grief makes us do strange things. Is it worth the risk?

Reason 4: Kids Might Not Choose to Survive

From a cryonicist standpoint I know of a couple of people whose kids grew up and opted out. For whatever reason they decided not to sign up for cryonics. Some of those children even had fully funded contracts, but they needed money so they cashed out their policy. As a parent this would be devastating not to mention heart breaking. It might even make one question whether or not the future is worth returning to without their family. Personally I want to return no matter what, but that doesn’t mean it would suck any less knowing my kid wouldn’t be there.

Reason 5: Your Kid Might Actively Work Against Your Wishes

This reason builds on reason 4 from above. First your kid opts out of cryonics, let’s say due to money. Then he later finds out your life insurance policy is worth 100k to 400k upon your death. Right now that cash is set to go to your cryonics organization to pay for their services. But let’s say your health is fading and maybe you have dementia. Your kid visits you in the hospital and tries to persuade you to change your policies. Change your will, change your insurance, give them your cash when you die…

As horrifying as this scenario sounds, it’s happened before. Family can get really crazy around someone’s death. Children have a lot of influence, and even though lawyers tell you legal procedures stop situations like this from happening, I call BS and I can totally see scenarios where your wishes could be denied. You end up dead in a box in the ground, or worse, burned because your kids couldn’t afford a funeral. Are there steps you can take to avoid this, certainly, but it’s scary all the same.

So do you do it, or not?

That’s not a decision I can make for you. Weigh your options and roll the dice. Having a kid might save your existence. Or it might end it. You guys know me… I’m an optimist and we’ll roll the dice in favor of kids. We’ll do our best to raise them “right” and educate them about the future.

With any luck our kid will be an asset and not a liability and will help keep us alive. With any luck we’ll enjoy generations of family that start to change the way the world looks at longevity and existence. Maybe our kid will change the future, or maybe he’ll just give us more reasons to live. Since we don’t have one yet, I don’t know, but I’ll still hope for the best.

In any case, I’d love to read your thoughts. If you don’t have a kid, why not? Are you trying? Do you want one? If not, why not? And if you do have a kid, what made you decide to go through with it? What were your reasons? What makes it worth it for you? There’s no right or wrong answers, so just leave a comment below to let us know how you feel.

Until next time.

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