Hi There, Welcome to Water Bear Lair!

Yo! So glad you joined us. You have NO idea what kind of cwazy insane world you just happened upon. Cool thing is, this cwazy cwazy blog might help you survive. No guarantees, but it’s our mission to help you continue to exist for as long as you want to!

But what does that even mean? A lot of folks don’t know it, but you have a right to live and a right to exist for as long as you want to. But that’s not a “God given right.” Nope, mean ole death is waiting right around the corner and if you don’t do something, he’ll strip your rights away.

Lucky you found Water Bear!

Water Bear Lair is all about survival. Here we share skills, tools, and all kinds of stuff to give you the upper hand against death. It doesn’t matter if you want to live a few more years or forever, whatever your existential goals may be, we’ll help you achieve them.

Toward that purpose WBL typically covers 3 core levels of survival:

Level III – General Wellness: These posts are about maintaining a happy healthy life. From improving sleep, to meditation, spirituality and more, if it’s a higher level need it’s in this level. Also stuff that helps you live longer naturally. That stuff’s in this level too.

Level II – General Survival: These posts cover everything from first aid to wilderness survival, combat tactics, self-defense, and advanced prepping. It’s for all that stuff that helps you live when the tardidoo hits the fan (THTF) as we like to say. Survivalists, preppers, and first responders tend to love this level.

Level I – Extreme Survival: Where Level II helps you survive disasters, Level I helps ensure you exist at any cost. Topics in this level include transhumanism, cryonics, life-extension, reverse aging and more. We also yap about medical and technological breakthroughs that help you defeat the undefeatable, like disabilities, alzheimers, cancer and other nasty stuff.

So why should you care? There’s a shit ton of survival blogs all over the place. Half of them promote gear and the other half talk about short-term survival. Very few talk about setting survival goals.

Water Bear Lair is the ONLY longevity survival blog that covers true “extreme” survival topics. I’m not just talking about bunkers and bugout houses. I’m talking about cryonic preservation, merging with machines, and generally doing whatever the hell it takes to exist as long as you want to because that’s what it means to survive!

I don’t know what brought you here or how you found us, but if you’re ready for a fresh take on extreme survival, then you’ve come to the right place.

Now that you know what we’re all about, feel free to dive in anywhere you choose.

Water Bear