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How to Sign Up for Cryonics Even if You’re Not Rich

Have You Heard About Cryonics?

You call yourself extreme, but you know it’s not true. Not until you do everything you can to ensure you exist for as long as you want to. Anything less simply ain’t extreme survival. Sorry bro.

Most humans think cryonics super expensive and only for the rich. Thing is, reality a little different. Sure, the total cost of cryonics is $30,000 to $200,000+, but that’s not what you pay, der! If it were, there wouldn’t be a growing community of “young cryonicists” who can barely pay their rent.

Simple fact is, cryonics in 2016 costs about the same as a couple’s trip to the movies once a month. You don’t pay the costs upfront, and you probably won’t ever pay them at all. That’s because it’s covered through life insurance specifically made for cryonics.

How Water Bear know?

Because Water Bear been cryonicist since 2008!

Cryonics is the ultimate solution in extreme survival prep. It’s virtually your only chance to survive another day if someone or something cut your life short.

Water Bear pay $34 a month for full cryopreservation contract and standby services with Cryonics Institute. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take long and once you do it, you feel more relaxed.

How Do I Become A Cryonicist?

When human ready to get serious about extreme survival, here is the process to become a cryonicist and give yourself best chance to exist as long as you want to.

Step 1: Pick a Cryonics Company

This part pretty simple. Human options very limited. In United States you can pick Cryonics Institute, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, American Cryonics Society, or Oregon Cryonics (pets only). If in Europe or other countries overseas you may want to consider KrioRus.

Each facility has benefits and disadvantages and it’s really up to you which one to choose. Water Bear choose Cryonics Institute because it seemed like best option at the time. Whichever one you choose, always best to reassess every few years to make sure it’s still the right option for you.

Step 2: Become a Member

To become a fully funded cryonicist with one of the main two choices (Cryonics Institute or Alcor) you have to become a member of one of the organizations. At this point you get a stack of paperwork to fill out with little notes about where to sign and various options. Also you’ll need a notary and/or witnesses.

CI have annual membership fee of $120, or an option of $1,250 one-time fee for lifetime membership. Lifetime membership fee not have to be paid all at once as long as paid within the year. Cost of preservation with CI $28,000 once with lifetime membership or $35,000 once with annual (remember, you cover with life insurance).

Also CI works with company called Suspended Animation to transport legally dead body to their location. This separate service cost extra (see CI membership page) but still covered by insurance.

Alcor have annual membership fee of $525 or semi-annual or quarterly options available. Alcor fees higher since their service bundled with in-house standby and transportation services plus storage and revival services. Total cost for services around $200,000.

Alcor also have neuro-preservation only option which let you preserve brain without body. This cost much less, but may offer less chance to survive. Total cost around $80,000.

Step 3: Get Life Insurance Policy in Name of Cryonics Organization

You don’t have to use life insurance. Humans free to pay in full out of pocket, crowd-fund payment, or use any other method. There’s no payment plans since it’s not feasible for the limited-budget organizations.

Life insurance one of the most affordable options, and pretty easy to set up. First step is find life insurance company that offers coverage for cryonics. Water Bear using Rudi Hoffman insurance for $34/month, but human welcome to use whoever you want.

Military Members – Water Bear once in U.S. military on Active Duty. Back then Water Bear use SGLI to cover cryonics. Admin give funny looks, and don’t know the process, but if you’re persistent it can be done.

That’s All There Is To It

Once insurance set up and paperwork filled out, you’re good to go. Your organization probably give you medical alert bracelet and/or necklace to wear. It lets first responders know you’re a cryonicist so they don’t cut your body open if you die. You might also get shiny wallet cards with instructions too.

By the way, it good idea to update cryonics organization regularly about your life status. They want to know your health and where you live so they can give you the fastest, most effective preservation possible.

What Should Human Do Next?

After setting up cryonics you can relax and feel good knowing even if you die today you still have a chance to return tomorrow. But there are some other things you can do to help increase your chances. Water Bear always do whatever possible to exist as long as Water Bear want to.

First thing Water Bear do is download CI Emergency App (This only useful for CI members). Emergency phone app helps Water Bear check in with CI and makes it easier to reach CI in emergency.

Second, Water Bear tell everyone about cryonics. Water Bear tell family and friends. Also tell physician to note it in medical records. It’s important that many people know your wishes so there’s no complications in the event of your demise.

Third thing Water Bear do is fill out Advanced Directive, also known as a Will, to further secure Water Bear wishes just in case.

Last thing Water Bear do is take care of all other Level II and Level I survival needs, to help Water Bear exist as long as possible in any situation and just plain enjoy life.

After that Water Bear just kick back, relax, and laugh at silly human rushing around trying to accomplish things before time runs out. Water Bear no longer subject to human time.

With cryonics funded…Water Bear have forever! 🙂

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